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Each resident agrees to donate one or more of his/her works. This can be works produced during the residency or works previously created. Each of these donations will enrich the private collection of La Chapelle Saint-Antoine, which is exhibited publicly each year. 



The cost of transportation is the responsibility of the artist or the organization that represents him. On site, the means of transportation are also at the artist’s expense.




The artist may order art materials online from a fine art store located in Athens. The Chapel will take delivery.




Food expenses are paid by the artist. However - depending on the season - the artist may be able to use the fruits of La Chapelle’s garden. Dinners given during culinary residencies are paid for by La Chapelle and are therefore free for the artists.



At the end of each residency, La Chapelle organizes an «open house» for the public to see the artists’ work and to interact with them. The artist commits to prepare the scenography of this day.




The artist agrees to provide a photo portrait before each residency which will be used to promote his/her work on social networks and on the website. The artist also agrees to provide an interview for La Chapelle Saint-Antoine’s magazine.




The Chapel provides artists with an internet connection and an inkjet printer.




If partners are unable to accompany the artist during the one-month residency, they are nevertheless allowed to join them for a few days. 

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