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A graduate in Communication, she has always been looking for ways in which to connect with others, as well as to show others vhow much she values them. Today she works as an agent for artists in the fashion industry. Eager for knowledge and understanding of the human mind, she has been studying for more than a year to become a psychotherapist.



After spending 5 years in Montreal, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration, she joined the ESCP Business School to study International Business & Diplomacy. The adventure of La Chapelle Saint-Antoine, however, convinced her that Art is a powerful form of diplomacy. In order to reconcile her new convictions with her academic skills, she now aims to join an artistic institution with international influence. 


In 1985, he created a 3D visualization software company that wasbought out successively by large American corporations. He remained at the head of his company for nearly 30 years while taking charge of larger strategic departments. He ended his career as Visualization Software Vice President at ThermoFisher. A few years ago he decided to leave everything behind and retire with Ariele to the shores of the Aegean Sea.


As a child she spent hours in the studio of her grandfather  a painter. For her studies she chose a business school with an international trade program. A globetrotter at heart she always wished to combine her professional life with travel. She worked in a large French company then became teacher, where she was able to pass on her energy and experience to her students. Passionate about travel and eager to discover - she criss-crossed the planet with her family. But each time she found herself back to Greece. She finally settled down, made friends and now contemplates the infinite blue and light of the Mediterranean every day in Naxos.



Having just graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Law, he prefers to pursue a training in documentary filmmaking at Ateliers Varan rather than prepare for the bar. He directed a documentary in Corsica about the writer Jérôme Ferrari (Prix Goncourt 2012). After this documentary’s production, he retired for two years to write his first novel. Between Paris and Naxos he works as a freelance copywriter and focuses on his second novel. 

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