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La Chapelle Saint-Antoine is located in the heart of the Kastro - in an old Venetian house which became a monastery in the early 17th century until the beginning of the 20th century. Agios Antonios - the small chapel that adjoins the monastery and which gave its name to the residency - although in a decrepit state- adorns beautifully this unique architectural complex 



From April to November we welcome two artists per month free of charge. The selection is open to all artistic disciplines and nationalities. During their residency, each artist has a room - a private bathroom - as well as a personal workshop. The artists share the kitchen - the main room serving as an exhibition gallery during «open days» - as well as a terrace of nearly  two hundred square meters facing the sea and the mountains.


From April to November

1 month residency

2 artists per month

2 workshops

2 rooms

2 bathrooms

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