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«Although we have heart at work,

Art is long and time is short.»


Charles Beaudelaire, 

The Flowers of Evil

Coming from families of entrepreneurs and becoming entrepreneurs/artists ourselves - we know what creation requires in terms of self-confidence - personal investment - audacity - tenacity - rebellion - discipline - madness - intelligence - but also and above all... time. 


Creation is to be where what has always been possible has not yet happened. It penetrates where no one has ever gone before and it is perhaps not a coincidence if the country that all creators cross is one of solitude - the one that opposes the individual to withdraw from the world - or at least to escape from their own - for a time... This country has as many banners as there are places. We have decided to plant ours above a Chapel so that time and space - the two terms of this arithmetic that we cherish - serve to mobilize all the forces necessary for the birth of what we believe in : creation.


But Man is not God and what he creates with his time and in his space is irrevocably inscribed in an era. Ours is in all respects decisive, crucial. Never in its history Man has been so urgently compelled to (re)tell his story; to (re)present himself, to (re)define himself, to (re)invent himself, to (re)mythologize himself, to (re)center himself, to (re)create himself. We are convinced that in order to go beyond our era and generate the next one it is imperative to grant ourselves the possibility of doing things differently - to try out otherness  to multiply experiences - to allow ourselves countless initiatives - immeasurable failures - vain attempts - but also and above all surprising successes which - inevitably - will increase our hopes and multiply our wills. We wish to offer a framework for these upheavals - to take part in these changes by stretching the time allotted for creation so that the heart that is at work in so many of you - creators - can show it to this world - and bequeath to the next - the courage that is and will have been yours. 

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